About enquirehub

Our Mission

Visibility and communication are central for business growth and success. enquirehub is an upcoming global business platform, cost-free for all to use and designed to connect businesses. Users can easily sign up and create a profile without hassle, as well as browse and access business information anytime, anywhere.

At present, finding business information can be difficult and time-consuming. Websites are inconsistent in quality, while for directories, the majority are either upscale, or limited by regions and countries. Most social media outlets are constructed to promote an individual; overall there is a lack of emphasis on the businesses themselves. enquirehub strives to change this, bringing attention on the business. We believe creating a hub and standardising business information gives users the chance to compare across markets more easily and make better decisions. Our goal is to bridge the distance between customers and businesses through building a universal platform for communication.

enquirehub is safe and secure; with our privacy policy and 256-bit SSL encryption in place you can be sure your data is stored securely from end-to-end. Ultimately, there isn’t an easier way to search and promote businesses on a global scale than enquirehub.